Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poetry Friday - Happy New Year

My daughter has kindly provided me with a New Year's poem just in time for Poetry Friday.

Happy New Year
by KRM

December 31st,
Trying to plan a time
For friends to get together
I looked at the calendar
Only to find that after today,
There were no more days!
The calendar had ended,
The Friday and Saturday slot were empty
The year was apparently no more
To my horror, I surmised,
That the world would end
Upon this day
December 31st.

How to plan
For the end of the world?
On facebook
I hollered,
The authorities were alerted,
The world sat in terror and fright.
Those lucky enough not to have heard,
Went to Times Square to watch the ball drop,
While the smart ones,
We who knew the world’s
Oncoming plight
Scurried to find
A good hiding spot.

December 31st,
The day the calendar ended,
The day that would not be followed by a new day
The day that people hid in terror and fright
The day that ended with KABANGS!
Of champagne bottles and fireworks,
Those who hadn’t heard rejoiced.
I crawled out of my hiding spot,
The world was not over?
We were not dead?
Heck, I’d watched 2012,
I knew how this was supposed to work.
I watched my mom hang up a
New Calendar.
“Happy New Year, hon,”
She smiled.
I flipped through the new pages.
And realized that,
Hey! There was a New Year ahead of us!
I felt fairly ridiculous,
I saw the end of this calendar-
December 31st!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Things that Made me Happy on a Monday

1) Gingerbread houses and villages made by my own little decorators.

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2) Finding When Mike Kissed Emma on this list of last minute gift ideas. I probably should have suggested it myself as a gift idea. And if it's too late to order it in time for Christmas, than it would make a great Valentine's Day present!

3) This review of When Mike Kissed Emma totally made my day. My favorite part:
the writing has clarity and sparkle and I can't wait to read other books by this author.

Go read the whole review!

Now back to baking and cleaning and wrapping and whatever else has to get done this week!


From this weekend:
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Can you tell someone wasn't too happy this past weekend's performances of "Annie" had to be postponed due to the weather?