Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Teddy Bears are Ready

For the Teddy Bear Picnic. Now, if the weather will just cooperate tomorrow we should have a good time!
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A Day At The Beach

It took us until the last week in August to make it to the beach. But it was a wonderful beach day when we got there. The air was hot, the water was comfortable, so it was no hardship going in. There were waves, but no so big and rough that you couldn't get past them. There was a good crowd, I guess a lot of other people looked at the forecast and realized it might be the last good beach day. Yesterday the temperature was near 90, today it's in the high seventies. Makes a big difference! Tomorrow it's going to be in the low seventies!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Proverb

The just man escapes trouble, and the wicked man falls into it in his stead. (Proverbs 11:8)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How I Celebrated Release Day!

No, I didn't stomp grapes, but we did spend the week in Virginia. Here I am with my book and two kids, pretending to stomp grapes in Busch Gardens Italy section.

(If my son looks bored, I think it had more to do with it being well into the 90s then anything else.)

More pictures to come!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Guest Blogging

Please stop by and visit me over at Climbing Rose Blog where I'm guest blogging this week. Today I'm wondering why I still have to do laundry, not that I'm published.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guest Blogging

Please stop by and visit me over at Climbing Rose Blog where I'm guest blogging this week. Today I'm talking about when I first saw my books.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Release Day!

It's here!

The official release date of When Mike Kissed Emma!

Here's me when I first got to hold a copy in my hot little hand:

And here's the trailer:

And the waiting is over, you can buy your copy today!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guest Blogging

Please stop by and visit me over at Climbing Rose Blog where I'm guest blogging this week. Today I'm talking about magical first kisses.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Guest Blogging

Please stop by and visit me over at Climbing Rose Blog where I'm guest blogging this week. Today I'm talking about the very beginnings of When Mike Kissed Emma.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interview over at The Climbing Rose Blog

This week I will be guest posting over at Climbing Rose Blog, starting with an interview today. So please stop by!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Kids in the Park Put on a Show

For the sixth year running we've been lucky enough to be part of the Kids in the Park program for kids ages 8 to 11 (they're a bit flexible with the ages and both my kids started at 7). This year Pippi was too old to be in the show, but she was still involved as one of the helpers backstage.

The show was Mary Poppins and Harry had the unusual role of Al Gore. What can I say, this is an adaptation of the original.

The program runs for two weeks, rain or shine. On the first Monday they have auditions and on the last Friday they put on a forty-five minute show with songs, dances and lots of fun.

During the two weeks they have "music class" and "dance class" and "arts and crafts" where they put together costumes and props.

They even have a talent show so all the kids can showcase their unique talents.

So today we watched Mary Poppins and now I have this uncontrollable urge to fly a kite. I wonder why?
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Off to Go Fly a Kite

Okay, not literally - in that I won't be flying a kite, but it is time for the theater camp's production of Mary Poppins. My son has a small role, unique to this production, and my daughter is a helper this year - having aged out of this camp. Pictures later.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Proverb

When a wicked man dies his hope perishes, and what is expected from strength comes to nought. (Proverbs 11:7)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Talented Kids

On Friday I watched the talent show at the theater camp my kids go to. Neither one of my children opted to perform, so I just sat back and watched the other people's kids.

Things I learned.
1) There are a lot of talented kids out there.

2) Kids are brave.
Some of these kids weren't particularly talented, but they got out there and did their thing anyway. Good for them. You need to take that chance and make that leap.

3) Kids have fun working together.
Groups of kids did little dance routines together and you could just tell that they had as much fun getting together and practicing during the past week as they did performing on Friday.

4) There are lots of different talents in the world. Some kids can sing, some can dance, some can tell jokes and others can make strange noises with their mouths. But it's all good. It's all a way of getting up there and saying "Hey, look what I can do!"

Just so you know, my kids have participated in the talent show every other year, this year they just opted out.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tuesday's Proverb on Wednesday

The virtue of the upright saves them, but the faithless are caught in their own intrigue. (Proverbs 11:6)

(I need to start scheduling these so I don't miss any more Tuesdays)

Drum Roll, Please

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Yes, that's what it looks like. I got my books yesterday! You can go here and read all about it.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It's Here!

Even though the release date for When Mike Kissed Emma is still a couple of weeks away, you don't have to wait any longer! It is now available to order at

The Sweetest Place on Earth

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We had a mini-vacation this week with a trip out to Lancaster and Hershey Park. The Lancaster part of the trip involved good eating and fun shopping and of course a trip to the archery supply store to get accessories for my daughter's favorite sport.

We got to Hershey Park on Friday night and took advantage of their evening preview. You buy tickets for the next day, but get to go in for the last 3 hours or so that they're open the night before (plus you only pay once for parking.) So we were there until eleven going on some of the rides we knew we wanted to go on and that might have long lines the next day. It's very fun being able to just go on what you want without any waiting.

The next morning we got to the park before it opened and went on the "Chocolate Factory Tour" which isn't really a tour of the chocolate factory, but a ride that shows what the factory is like (assuming there are singing cows in the factory.) Then into the park at opening time. Nearly twelve hours later we headed home.

Pippi agreed to go on a roller coaster (not one of the crazy big ones) and she found that she really enjoyed it and even went on it again. Harry had even bigger ambitions and went on The Comet - a large wooden roller coaster - with his Dad. He loved it and that was another ride that had to be done again before we could leave.

We had a very fun and exhausting time at the Sweetest Place on Earth.