Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Sweetest Place on Earth

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We had a mini-vacation this week with a trip out to Lancaster and Hershey Park. The Lancaster part of the trip involved good eating and fun shopping and of course a trip to the archery supply store to get accessories for my daughter's favorite sport.

We got to Hershey Park on Friday night and took advantage of their evening preview. You buy tickets for the next day, but get to go in for the last 3 hours or so that they're open the night before (plus you only pay once for parking.) So we were there until eleven going on some of the rides we knew we wanted to go on and that might have long lines the next day. It's very fun being able to just go on what you want without any waiting.

The next morning we got to the park before it opened and went on the "Chocolate Factory Tour" which isn't really a tour of the chocolate factory, but a ride that shows what the factory is like (assuming there are singing cows in the factory.) Then into the park at opening time. Nearly twelve hours later we headed home.

Pippi agreed to go on a roller coaster (not one of the crazy big ones) and she found that she really enjoyed it and even went on it again. Harry had even bigger ambitions and went on The Comet - a large wooden roller coaster - with his Dad. He loved it and that was another ride that had to be done again before we could leave.

We had a very fun and exhausting time at the Sweetest Place on Earth.

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