Thursday, July 30, 2009

The (Puppet) Play's the Thing

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When I went into the kitchen yesterday to prepare dinner I was surprised to find that a show was in progress. A ticket had been sold and presented, a chair was set up in front of the stage and the sound system consisted of the mp3 player plugged into the amp.

The first play up was a love story between Minnie Mouse and Tigger. It consisted of a lot of them singing about how much they loved each other and a wedding where they promised to feed each other and protect each other from the plague.

I was a little lost on the plot of subsequent productions as the audience and players shifted positions.

For at least an hour last night the kids played with the puppet theater, entertaining each other with delightful plays. The puppet theater is one I made probably close to eight years ago, after seeing a similar one in a catalog. It is suspended in the doorway with a tension curtain rod. When not it use it hangs by two hooks in the sun room, brightening up the white wall. It's not used far more often than it is used, but how delightful when they put it in place and put on a play!


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's cuz it's broken, mom.

Christine M said...

Should I maybe fix it?