Sunday, January 11, 2009

She Has a New Book Boyfriend

It took less than one chapter for Pippi to fall in love with Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Her friends have been bugging her to read Twilight for over a year now. She resisted, saying that vampire love stories weren't really her thing.

Then she made a deal with one of her friends. If N would read the Percy Jackson series, then Pippi would read Twilight.

She came home from school on Thursday and said she was going to read Twilight, because N had gotten the first Percy Jackson book out of the library.

So the next day, while doing some birthday shopping for Pippi, I picked up Twilight (our first stop would normally be the library, but with renewed interest from the movie, the books were all out with waiting lists. I gave her the book on Friday (early for her birthday, but figured she could read it over the weekend.)

And by the time she had finished the first chapter she told me she had a new book boyfriend.

She plans to finish the book today (she would have finished it already if we hadn't had a baby shower to go yesterday, and a school dance Friday night.)

I guess I better finally read this book and see who exactly it is my daughter has fallen in love with.


Vivian said...

I'll be curious what you both think...

Christine M said...

So far I can tell you that Pippi loves it.

PJ Hoover said...

Benjamin Holt is going to be crushed. Why do these girls need to grow up?

Christine M said...

Benjamin Holt and all the other past book boyfriends.

She just keeps growing up. But at least these are still book boyfriends. What happens when it's the real live thing!?

Barb, sfo said...

Big Brother is threatening Middle Sister with all kinds of mayhem if she dares pick up one of those Twilight books. He says way too many girls in his school have gone way too overboard over Edward. He is taking his brotherly responsibility in this regard very seriously--just as he watches over her "emo hair" and her tastes in music.