Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Picking

Today was our annual outing to pick apples. Of course, like so many things that become regular parts of our lives, it involves much more than just picking apples.

One thing we tried to do differently this year was not end up with forty pounds of apples. To this end we only took one bag from the hut instead of two (or like he did once in our complete folly - four). But the apples look so good. And just one more ... and ooh, look at this one... and I really want this kind... and soon enough we had 32 pounds of apples. Okay, it wasn't over forty like we'd done other years - but really, that's a lot of apples (and all in one - very heavy - bag!)

Like I said though, the apples are only a small part of the day. We've also go to our favorite park. Washington's Crossing Park on the Delaware. We had a picnic lunch there and checked out the visitor centers (one on each side of the river). We of course walked across the bridge spanning the Delaware and hung out down by the river.

Then a stop at a local winery on the way home and the ritual aspects of the day were complete.

Actually, this year we did leave one thing out - because we had an obligation in the evening and therefore some time constraints - we didn't go wander around our old college campus to see how much has changed.

And naturally there was apple crisp for dessert. (With 30 pounds of apples, there's going to be a lot of apple based desserts in our future.)
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Barb, sfo said...

Hey, Big Brother is going to be visiting TCNJ soon. He's thinking of going there.

Christine M said...

It's a great school. They've built so much since we went there though.