Thursday, January 19, 2006

Answering the Call

This past week's old testament reading at Mass was about Samuel hearing God calling him in the night. At first, naturally, he did not recognize that it was the Lord, but thought it was Eli. Finally, he answers the Lord.

Not many of us hear the Lord calling to us at night. Small children, yes. Wrong numbers, maybe. But not usually God.

But are we listening?

God (as far as my experience goes) does not speak to us via megaphone. No loud voice booming from the clouds. Though, I bet if he did that - more people would listen. No, he uses a quiet subtle touch, inside our own thoughts.

In my case, when readings or sermons were about how we can use our abilities for God, I wondered - what are my abilities? The answer, I could write.

So I will.

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Liz B said...

I'm so psyched that you've started a blog! (and sadly it took me three tries to spell psyched right)