Monday, January 16, 2006

Bitte Für Uns

The summer after my freshman year in high school I spent a month in Germany visiting a cousin. I spoke virtually no German, my cousin, fortunately spoke English. Naturally while I was there we went to Mass. I understood none of it - almost (thoughI did enjoy studying the intricate paintings on the ceilings)

The one part I understood was the response to the prayers of petition. The part where normally we say "Lord Hear Our Prayer". They said "Bitte für uns," which literally translated means, "Please, for us".

Sometimes when the response in our church has been changed to something like "God of Mercy and Light shine upon us" (fictional response, but sometimes they get quite long and elaborate) and I'm concentrating on trying to remember what I'm supposed to respond, and so don't catch what we're praying for, I remember the Germany response. It was simple and to the point. So I say that one, in my head. Because isn't that always our prayer to God? Please, for us.

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