Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Angels Among Us

Every now and then angels become a popular theme in pop culture and beyond. What are angels? Are they people who went before us and now have earned their wings (Clarence in It's a Wonderful Life)?

As a Catholic, I believe in Guardian Angels. And as tempting as it is to imagine a beloved grandparent as flitting around with wings protecting us, that's not what the church teaches Angels are. To be sure, the beloved grandparent may be in heaven, watching out for us, and interceding on ourbehalf. But he or she is not an angel.

An Angel is a distinct creation of God. A different kind of being. A spirit being, if you will. And the really fascinating thing about guardian angels, I think, is that their job is to look after us humans.

Think about that for a minute. They were created to watch over us.

I don't take nearly the kind of advantage of this that I should.

I should pray to my guardian angel more. Not in a worshipful way - but as a way to communicate. I should ask for more favors. I should be more thankful.

It's humbling to think that God created beings to look out for us.

We should remember to thank him for that.

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