Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm So Proud

There are moments when being a mother can seem very trying - children stalling about getting ready for just about anything; disagreements about homework (whether it should be done now or not) - that kind of thing. But then there are the moments like I just had with my daughter. The kind of moment that warms the heart.

You see, my nine-year-old daughter has a complaint about school - one that probably a lot of children have: the lunch aides are mean. They want quiet. They yell. They make lunch not fun.

But tonight, my daughter told me that every night she is saying an extra "Glory Be" for Mrs. P (the aide she particularly doesn't like), figuring that even though Mrs. P isn't nice to them, if they are nice to her, and pray for her, maybe it will filter down.

She's hoping the prayers will help.

I'm sure they will.

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