Thursday, April 06, 2006

Of Devils and Angels

I think the devil was after my daughter the other night.

I know that sounds bizarre, but this is what happened.

My nine-year-old daughter was saying the rosary in her room, in bed, with a small light on. She says she got to about the 30th Hail Mary, when she suddenly forgot how to say the Hail Mary. Which, she acknowledges was a little strange, because she had just said so many of them. So she got out of bed, got her prayer book, looked it up, re-memorized it and continued.

But then, all the things that were red in her room began to seem like they were glowing. And she heard screams in her mind - like the sounds you might hear in Hell.

She was scared, bhe kept praying the rosary. And by the time she had said ten more Hail Mary's, she had the picture in her mind of an angel coming to her. The angel took her by the shoulders, and kicked the devil, and the devil slunk away.

That's when the tears came, and she came to tell me about it.

I told her she did absolutely the right thing. The devil can't stand our prayers. He must leave if we tell him to, in the name of Jesus.

I also suggested, that since her guardian angel seemed to be on duty, she should ask his/her name.

The next morning she told me a name popped into her head, but she's not sure it's right: Anna Garabaldi. I don't see why it's not right - though I didn't know angels had last names.

It's very good to know that when evil is around the angels are there to protect us.

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