Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rejoicing in the Lord

I believe in transubstantiation. I believe that at the consecration during Mass the bread and wine becomes Jesus. So, why, after I receive communion am I not jumping for joy with the fact that Jesus has allowed me this closeness with him?

I was contemplating this the other day at Mass and decided that I really need to internalize that belief more. It's one thing to believe intellectually, it's another to truly internalize that belief and live on it.

And do other people experience the joy that should come with having just received our Lord in communion? Judging from the faces of the people coming back from receiving communion, it doesn't seem so. It's just another thing to do, just another ritual.

But there was one young man, a man who appeared to have some mental disabilities, being led up the aisle by his father. And after he got communion, and was on his way back, he literally jumped in the air and shouted for joy - three times - before his father caught up with him.

And I thought. He gets it. He's the one who gets it - out of all these people here, this one young man is the only one who is truly getting the joy he should out of receiving communion.

We could learn a lot from him.

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