Friday, November 10, 2006

Poetry Friday - Friend Edition

Today I want to share one of my favorite poems - one whose imagery has stuck with me from the time I first read it in high school. And not only is it one of my favorite poems - but bonus - it was written by one of my favorite people.

I Saw God Today
by Liz B

I saw God today.
He reached down
With a hand of ribboned sunlight
Through dark forbidding clouds
To touch the earth.

The light rays pushed back the clouds
To reveal the sun
And its brightness filled me
Then my room
Making me smile inside.

I saw God today.
Gold filtered down
Encompassing the sky and earth
Like loving arms; and with that
He returned my smile.

Now - I'm not going to say when this was written (if Liz wants to share those details it's up to her) - but I do have the author's permission to use it for Poetry Friday. Thanks, Liz.

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Nancy said...

You've been rounded up! Thanks!