Sunday, November 05, 2006

Simple is Best

The kids and I have been straightening the attic (I know based on the picture from the other day, maybe we ought to concentrate on other rooms - but so be it) and once we cleared a bit of space, they decided it made a neat club house.

Fine - go play in the attic - just don't fall through the ceiling is all I ask (there is not flooring over about half of the attic).

They found a shoe box up there that had remnants of toys from my youth in the seventies. I had looked in it yesterday - it was the flotsam of a generation - some Action Jackson clothes, a vest for a Flatsy doll, a wooden "Dish" from a "Cow Jumped over the Moon" mobile - and a plastic top that once came out of a box of Trix cereal. I had put the box aside to deal with later.

They came downstairs a few minutes ago and announced that they found the coolest toy.

"It's a Trix Top and it does tricks." They said, full of excitement. "When you spin it - it wobbles some and then flips over so it's spinning on it's other side. It's Soooo Cool."

They demonstrated the toy for me.

"You had the best toys," they said with a sigh and headed back upstairs.

They have computer games and stuffed animals that respond when you pet them. Trust me - they have lots of cool toys.

I guess it just goes to show you - sometimes simple is best.

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Liz B said...

It's also all about the toy you don't own being cooler than the toy you do own. I still am half in love with Mousetrap because I never had one....

And I have known people who have come thru the ceiling from the attic. Tell the kids to be careful!