Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Almost Thanksgiving

It's come to my attention that next week is Thanksgiving!

How did that happen? Didn't October just end? And Christmas is little more than a month away? Sure I've been hearing Christmas songs on the radio with a disturbing regularity and the Christmas trees and decorations have been up for weeks in some of the stores. I know the kids have been back at school for awhile but I think I've been laboring under the assumption that it's still early September or something.

And you know who I blame (not me for not paying more attention, let's not be silly here). I blame the stores. They put their decorations up so early that I simply ignore them. "Oh, there are the Christmas trees, I'm wearing short sleeves - yeah, whatever." But I get so good at ignoring all the signs of the impending holidays that I get sideswiped by the holidays themselves.

Now, I knew Thanksgiving was next week. I have our hotel reservations up in upstate New York where we go to visit relatives, I have some surprises for the kids for in the car. But the reality that it was a week away hadn't really sunk in.

I don't have to cook for the holiday. But as I wandered around the grocery story tonight (buying milk and decongestants) I saw the yams and the marshmallows and the pie crusts and pumpkin filling, and sugar on sale and flour on sale and all of a sudden something in my brain clicked and I realized that Thanksgiving is next week!

So - here's hoping everyone has lots to be thankful for!


PJ Hoover said...

My thankful list goes on and on!

Sarah Rettger said...

I had about the same reaction as you, Chris. A few days ago a friend asked what kind of cooking I was doing next week, and I had no idea what she meant.

Christine M said...

PJ - Isn't it great to have a nice long thankful list?

Sarah - I'm glad I'm not alone!