Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Points

It wasn't nearly enough to win the game, but when Harry scored his first basket of the season, it was also his team's first basket of the game and the other team already had eight points.

So it those two points brought loud cheers from our side.

Any baskets bring loud cheers from our side. We're very supportive.

But those two points didn't mean our team won. No, it was 26 to 12. Thankfully the season is almost over.


Anne K said...

Yeah!!! Harry!!!

PJ Hoover said...

Whoo hoo!

Barb, sfo said...

Great job, Harry!

Middle Sister's season ended Sunday. She scored 8 points--her highest ever, and she's the only one who scored more than 2 in the game. But her team didn't win, not even once. The girls stuck with it, though, & did their best.

kkolshorn said...

I would say those two points and the other ten points scored by the team mean they did win. It shows that they haven't given up. Sometimes the winning isn't in the the win/loss column. It is what is learned and accomplished otherwise.

Christine M said...

Barb, I'm sorry that Middle Sister's team didn't win - but congrats to her on 8 points that's fantastic.

And Kris - you're right, they are winners - because they don't give up. Now - if when they pass the ball their own team would catch it once in awhile we'd be in good shape. :)

beth said...

Wow--what great memories you son will have. I bet he'll remember that shot--not the final score--in the future!