Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

The youth group at our church does a Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. We went tonight, as we have the past couple of years. The presentation is well done and powerful.

Two kids we've known for years and years had the parts of Jesus and Mary. It was hard to put aside that it was "Jake" and "Val" up there. I kept thinking about how much they've grown and about times when they were little. And then I realized that this wasn't pulling me out of the passion, but bringing me closer into it.

When Jesus walked that path, some of the people who watched were people who had known him his whole life. People who could say "I remember when he was little." And the pain in their heart was the greater for it.

And I could watch "Jake" and "Val" and the others and think of how great my pain would be for them if they were suffering in the way they were portraying.

And that is how much I should ache for our Lord.

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Anne K said...

How true!