Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's Spring Cleaning time in our town. For the next several weeks, rotating through the township, it's time to clean up and get rid of stuff.

It's actually a good incentive. Different weekends are designated as "permit-free" garage sale weekends. Last weekend was our chance. We didn't have a garage sale, but there were sales all over the neighborhood. And it was a beautiful day for it too.

But tonight is the real fun night. You see, the township also declared that on the Thursday following the garage sales as the day you could throw out big stuff without having to pay an extra fee to have a big item collected.

What an incentive to look around and see what big things have been taking up space that really need to go out. We put out some lawn furniture, a kid's picnic table, two air conditioners, a dehumidifier and a computer monitor (we still have a spare- *sigh*).

I've seen furniture, TVs, lots of boards (I think someone dismantled a room or something), all kinds of fun things out at the curbs.

And the scavengers are out. People in pick up trucks and vans cruise slowly down the streets looking to see if there is anything they want. Hey - I'd be thrilled if someone wanted our junk - I just don't want it anymore.

There's still a lot more Spring Cleaning I could (and should) do - but hey at least we got rid of a few things taking up space. It's a start.

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