Thursday, May 07, 2009

What a Game!

Last night after days of rain, Harry actually played a baseball game. His team hasn't been doing that great. It's not that as a team they were really worse than the other teams, but between lucky breaks for the other team and silly errors on their side, they seemed to have trouble getting ahead.

Until last night.

Last night it was like their team finally figured out what they were out there for. They made several successful outs at first base (as opposed to the first baseman missing the ball when its thrown to him). The pitchers they had were firing them in. The outfield was on it's toes (except for the one time when the ball landed between two outfielders and they both stood - each a couple of feet from it - and looked at it - and then when one of them finally picked it up they argued over who should have gotten it, instead of throwing the ball right away). The infield was at the top of their game.

Harry got the best hit he's gotten in years of little league. A fly ball far into left field. A double.

The other most exciting play of the game was the triple play our team managed to pull off. Bases were loaded, no outs. Kid hits a fly ball. Infielder catches it. Throws it to third, throws it to second and suddenly the inning is over. Whoa! That was exciting.

If you win all the time you get complacent. When it doesn't happen that often - it's thrilling - and these kids were on top of the world last night. And now they know what they're capable of. Let's see if they can do it again!

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Anne K said...

It sounds like you're a true baseball fan! I'm so happy for Harry!