Monday, May 04, 2009

What Sayst Thou?

After her Religious Ed. class tonight, Pippi was in a conversation with the Director of Religious Ed. and a family friend who is going to be starting up a youth band.

The Director of Religious Ed. was making the point that old style music and Gregorian chants are hard for kids to relate to. Even the traditional words of prayers, like the Hail Mary, don't reflect the way people talk anymore. She turns to Pippi. "When was the last time you used 'thou' in a sentence?"

Pippi just kind of said, "Well......"

And the family friend explained, "She's been reading Shakespeare."

So, yes - the last time she used 'thou' in a sentence was yesterday as we read The Taming of The Shrew together. She also has a tendency to occasionally speak Shakespearean English. But she understood the DREs point nonetheless.

Also at Religious Ed. tonight the director asked the assembled students if they knew what Alpha and Omega was. Pippi raised her hand. "The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet" and she knew that the Church used them to refer to God.

Of course it helped that two years ago I showed the kids this video - and it works, Pippi learned the Greek alphabet in ten minutes, and hasn't forgotten it.

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PJ Hoover said...

I'll rewatch it tomorrow! I learned it back in high school but these days forget a letter here and there.