Friday, February 05, 2010

Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday once again, and luckily I came across another poem my 13-year-old daughter wrote (I'm very lucky she likes to write poems or I'd have nothing to put up on Poetry Friday!)

Odd and Queer but not Strange

Isn’t it strange
In stories they never tell
About how
The character
Flunked Civics
Because he was fighting
Or how so and so
Fell asleep in Math.
Or how the hero
Couldn’t open his locker
When Evil Character was
Dropping books
On His head?

Isn’t it Weird
Fairy tales conveniently
Have villains and
Princesses in stock?
Or how Princesses
Hate to sew…
And get locked in towers?
Where do they find these towers?
I’ll bet they make
Detention and
Suspension rooms.

Weird, isn’t it
How they completely
Skim over the structure
Of government in
La-La Land
Except to say that
It was
Ruled by a dictator
King or Queen
Everyone loved….
Why didn’t Everyone fight
King and Queen
Instead of going against them
When they were overthrown?

Strange how
You think about this stuff
When you should be

The Poetry Friday Round-Up is at Great Kid Books.


Tabatha said...

Writing a poem like that should count as studying, right?

Wonderful that you have a poet in your house who doesn't mind sharing her work!

Christine M said...

I'm very lucky to have an in-house poet! And writing a poem should count as studying, you're right!

Mary Lee said...

Keep the poems coming, Young Poet!!!