Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

It's snowing here.


But there have definitely been some bright spots in my week.

The sump pump not working as expected and causing a couple inches of water in the basement was not one of them.

But seeing my son's face as he got the bright-yellow 21-speed mountain bike he's been wishing for as a 10th birthday present was definitely one of them.

(I would post a picture of my son with his bicycle, but it appears my camera decided it wasn't necessary to save those pictures. Hmph.)

Another bright spot was the review I discovered yesterday at Not Enough Bookshelves. Go ahead and read the whole thing. My favorite line was:
You know when you've had a rough day and you just want to curl up on the sofa and devour a whole bar of chocolate, but you can't because of that pesky diet? Well, When Mike Kissed Emma, is the perfect alternative.

On the writing front, with one book ready to send out in the hopes of finding it a publishing home, I've started revisions on another story. This one is a time-travel Civil War story and should be a lot of fun to really dig into.

Lent has gotten off to a good start here - though birthday celebrations during Lent are always a challenge. Unfortunately with a birthday at the end of February my son will be celebrating during Lent more often than not.

And as a final thought, I leave you with a picture of my 10-year-old.

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PJ Hoover said...

Yay for the review! And the bike!

I've done good on the Lent thing so far. I gave up bread, and I'm sticking with the no meat on Friday which means I need to hit the grocery tomorrow!