Monday, March 15, 2010

The Storm is Passing - Five Things on a Monday

And I don't mean that in a figurative sense. The storm that pounded the Northeast this weekend is now just cloudy skies and light rain. But I figure I can come up with five things to say about it on a Monday morning (and that will keep me from railing against losing an hour of sleep this weekend.)

1) There are a lot of trees down near us, but none hit our house. A neighbor's garage does have a large tree lying across the top of it though.

2) We did not lose power. Though areas of our neighborhood did. The most we lost was for about a minute and then we simply figured it was easier not to reset the clocks until later when we had to reset them for DST anyway.

3) The sump pump almost always went on when needed. Yes, the rug in the basement is soaked. Yes there were times the pump didn't go on. But for the most part it worked - and the electricity staying on was a big help there.

4) The pounding hail and thunder on Sunday morning helped wake up our sleepy daughter in time for church. :)

5) Boiling drinking water is a pain in the neck. Just saying. But if that's the worst of our inconveniences I guess we're doing pretty good.

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