Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hard to Find the Joy in This

There are things that qualify as simple and ordinary that are a little hard to find the joy in.

Take sickness for example. My son woke up Monday with a fever, stomach-ache and head-ache. He slept most of Monday, was also home from school Tuesday. Each day he's a little better - and tomorrow he'll be back at school.

But - this morning my daughter woke up with a fever. She's feeling better now - but still has a fever - so school for tomorrow is of course a question.

And the big question lurking in my mind is - okay - when am I going to get this? It's like waiting for the ax to drop.

So we muddle through - and of course I can rejoice in that they are getting better not worse. See - I knew there was a silver lining in there someplace.

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