Saturday, February 04, 2006

This Sunday's Reading for Children

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (cycle B)
Mark 1: 29-39

Jesus went to Simon Peter’s house. Simon Peter’s mother-in-law was sick. Jesus took her by the hand and made her better.

In the evening, more and more people came to him that wanted to be healed. Some were sick and some had evil spirits in them. Jesus healed them all. Jesus wouldn’t let the demons speak though, because they knew who he was.

The next morning, Jesus got up early and went off by himself to pray. Simon Peter found him and said “Everybody is looking for you.” Jesus said, “Let’s go to the other villages, so I can tell them the good news and heal them too. That is what I have come to do.”

And so they traveled all over Galilee.

Jesus came to heal us and share the word of God with us.

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