Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Sunday's Reading for Children

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (cycle B)
Mark 2: 18-22

The people who followed John the Baptist, and the Pharisees, who were careful to obey the laws of God, would often fast – they would eat no food, as a way to show their love to God. But Jesus and his followers did not fast so often. People asked him. “Why do John’s disciples and the Pharisees fast, while your disciples to not?”

Jesus answered. “How can the guests at a wedding fast as long as the groom is still among the? So long as the groom stays with them, they cannot fast. The day will come, however, when the groom will be taken away from them. Then they will fast.”

Jesus was comparing himself to the groom, the guest of honor at the wedding, and while he was there, it was a time to celebrate, not to be sad.

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