Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Career Choices

It's always fun when kids tell you what they're going to be when they grow up. I remember when my daughter was about 3 or 4 and she announced she was going to be an artist (this was a kid who didn't like to draw) and a mountain climber. She was also going to be the President's helper. Why not the President? We already have one. Okay.

Later she realized that she could be an actor and also President - a la Ronald Reagan - so that was her goal.

Then she decided that she would be an actress and an author - like Julia Andrews.

I think that's where she still is - goal wise. She wants to be on Broadway though - not in movies. I say - go for it.

My son has also gone through his share of career goals. He watched the Tour de France and decided he'd be a professional bicycle rider - as well as a baseball player - of course. And he thought we should contact the airlines about getting his bicycle to France - I told him we had time for that.

More recently he told me he was going to be President (I'm glad my children aim high).

Yesterday the topic came up again. My daughter announced that she didn't want to work in an office when she grew up. "Good luck with that," I told her.

And then my son said he was going to be three things when we grew up. A publisher, an author and an engineer (an engineer like Dad).

He figures if he's both a publisher and an author it will be easier to get his books published. Sounds like good reasoning to me.

His sister immediately said that if he was a publisher he had to publish her books as well.

He agreed.

It's nice to have that settled.

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