Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Apple Picking

A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of a relatively free weekend and took the kids apple picking. This has become an annual tradition. One that we've perfected over time. We discovered an orchard that uses dwarf trees and trains them on wires, like grape vines. It makes it so that all of the apples are easy to reach - by everyone. It doesn't take long at all to acquire forty pounds of apples - that's a lot of apple pies, apple cakes, apple pancakes, and just plain snacking apples.

The other part of our annual outing is to take a walk to Pennsylvania.

That's not as hard as it sounds.

We go to Washington Crossing State Park and explore a little history. The park is actually on both sides of the Delaware River, and there is a bridge there with a sidewalk on it. We wander the New Jersey side, discuss Washington crossing the Delaware, sometimes check out the Ferry House if it's open, and then take our walk to Pennsylvania, where there is a little shop selling Revolutionary era goodies - and cheap candy. The kids get candy and we explore some on the PA side before returning home.

The kids on the walk back to NJ.

This year we got a late start, the Ferry House was closed when we got there, and it started to drizzle when we got to the PA side, so the trip was shorter than most. But it was still lots of fun.

And my kids love history - one year we learned that George Washington's favorite candy was rock candy. Made eating it that much more fun.


Nancy said...

You were only 10 minutes down the road from me! I'm in Lambertville.

Nancy said...

By the way, there is ongoing discussion about book challenges going on at Bookshelves of Doom and at my blog. Your post of a few weeks ago fits right into this discussion.

Christine M said...

So, Nancy, do you get to the park a lot - it's one of my favorite places. When we were in college (TSC- er that's TCNJ now) we went there all the time - but then we were only minutes away.

Nancy said...

I haven't been to the park yet, only driven by. I know, shameful. When I lived in Yardley, I was barely aware of my surroundings, and now that I'm in Lambertville (only for past 10 months) I am just beginning to explore.

I love history as well, and it's one of the things I find most charming about living in this area. It feels like what you imagine New England would be (I grew up in New England, and places like this were hard to find there).

crissachappell said...

I've always wanted to pick apples. My family in New England mails them to me in a big box every year (but I keep hoping to pick my own someday).