Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why do they save the hard questions till late

when you are too tired to think straight and just want them to go to bed? That was the scenario yesterday, when my son said, "I didn't know the church was a woman."

Okay, I thought of "Holy Mother Church," and I made some comment on how we tend to think of it that way.

And he continued, "because the priest is married to the church."

Right - well, that's pretty true, I suppose, and as the Church as the Bride of Christ was mentioned yesteray at Mass, I think. I said "Yes, it is like he is married to the church, but it is also like he is married to God in a way."

"But a man can't marry another man," he answered.

Ummm - yes, I wimped out on the answer. "Right, I said, now go to bed," I said.

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