Saturday, March 03, 2007

Giving Something Up for Lent

I suppose I should have posted this last week - but - oh, well.

Every year I make the kids give up candy for Lent. First of all - it's an easy thing for them to see and notice that they're doing. There have always been exceptions - if they go to a birthday party and get candy - they can have some (but the rest gets saved for the following Sunday.) And we don't keep candy in the house during Lent - that makes it easier too.

But this year, Harry decided that he wasn't going to give up candy for Lent (he still won't get much, because I won't have it in the house - but he feels free to scarf the candy from his birthday goodie bags whenever he feels like it - it will be gone soon). He decided to give up TV for Lent.

Now, I've mentioned before that my kids don't watch much TV. Pretty much just DVDs. And pretty much a DVD only gets watched if Harry puts it in. Pippi very seldom decides to watch anything without being prompted by her brother.

So, I made sure he realized that this meant no Harry Potter DVDs. He did. He was cool with that.

I figured this was fine - but I wouldn't give him a hard time if he lapsed. After all, he's just seven.

Pippi said she would give up TV too. I asked her if she would even think to watch TV if Harry didn't turn it on. She said no. I asked her if that was much of a sacrifice then. She said no. So she's giving up candy (which is a sacrifice for her) and striving to say more prayers at bedtime.

So, Ash Wednesday - we had someplace to be with Pippi and Harry couldn't come. We arranged for him to stay at a friend's house. I figured this would be it for no TV. Certainly the other little boy would watch and so would Harry.

But, No. We get to the house and Harry is busy reading - the family he's staying with is watching American Idol. But he told them that he was giving up TV and wasn't going to watch it. Hmm! I was impressed.

Then at school, his teacher wants to show a video about Abe Lincoln. Harry announces he gave up TV for Lent. His teacher lets him work on something else while the kids watch the video (oh, and his little friend announced that she gave up TV for Lent too, and did the other project with Harry - her mother, when asked, said that he daughter was NOT giving up TV for Lent). Okay. Now, this was impressive. But - um - watching video for school shouldn't really count as TV as far as I'm concerned. But you know what - I'm letting it go. He's making the sacrifice and I'm proud of him.

And as far as giving up things for Lent goes - our priest - at the Ash Wednesday service said that someone asked him if she should give up chocolate for Lent. He said, not if it's going to make you cranky. Give up being cranky instead. Wise words indeed.

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Nancy said...

Give up being cranky instead.

I love it!