Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has Sprung

And with it's advent last week, we also had a snow storm.

And colds. Bad colds - for me, and Pippi and Harry. My husband was spared.

But now the snow is melted, again, and except for Pippi's lingering cough, the colds are going away and we can get ready for Spring.

Ready for baseball - which starts next week.

Ready to plant the peas I should have planted last week.

Ready to start walking to and from school again and cleaning up the gardens and making the outside someplace I don't just see through a window - but a place to be.

And ready for allergy season.


I'm not ready for allergy season.

But I am ready for Spring.

A robin is scouting out our holly tree for nest possibilities again this year. My perennials are showing green. I've got tulips popping up in the Mary garden, and daffodils ready to burst into bloom.

Yes, I'm definitely ready for spring.

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