Thursday, April 19, 2007

Favorite Rosary

Over at The Bird's Nest, a blog I found via my new blog roll, Sharon asked people to post pictures of their favorite rosaries. And I thought, do I take a picture of the rose petal one I use more often, the large wooden one hanging from my bedroom mirror, the beautiful new one my daughter got as a gift from her grandparents trip to the Vatican?

And then I looked up and saw the one I wanted to share. It's a cross-stitch I designed and stitched for my grandmother. Each bead is a ribbon-embroidered flower. After she passed away, I asked if I could have it.

It has a place of honor in the living room, and the palms are placed behind it each year. My son, if he needs help remembering the Hail Mary, will read from it.

So, this is the rosary that I will share.

1 comment:

scmom said...

It's lovely that you have this coss-stitch as a connection to your Grandma. I also made me Grandma a rosary (for her 90th birthday!)and hope she will take it with her forever. Nice favorite pick!