Sunday, April 01, 2007

Help Me, I'm Lost

A number of years ago my parents took a trip to Jerusalem. One day they wanted to explore a little without the tour group. They asked the tour guide how to get to a particular spot and he pointed them in the proper direction.
"But," my father asked. "What about coming back, how will we find our way back?"
"Not to worry," the tour guide told them. "If you have trouble, just stop someone and say 'Hoshianna'."
"Hosannah?" My father asked. "Just say, Hosannah?"
"Yes, but you are pronouncing it wrong," the guide said. "It's Hoshianna. It means 'Help me, I am lost.'"

So on this Palm Sunday, as we say Hosannah and remember Jesus' triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem, let us remember what we are really saying to him. "Help me, Jesus. I am lost." And it's a perfect thing to say to Jesus, because after all, who better to help us find our way.

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