Monday, June 02, 2008


I got a new toy today. A new digital camera that also takes video with sound (I know most cameras do that nowadays - but our camera was several years old already - a dinosaur by technological standards.)

So - I tried a video. It's Harry playing his guitar before bed. He's just started learning Freebird.

Okay - after a few false starts I got the video here. You have to click on the picture - possibly more than once and it will play in Picasa Web Album.



PJ Hoover said...

He's very good!

Anne K said...

Keep it up Harry. You're doing great! Ammy

Vivian said...

I was singing the song with him! Very good.

Bill said...

Nice first movie (video). "Movie" is so yesterday, I guess. You'll have a lot of fun making videos and pictures with your new camera. Good luck.