Friday, June 20, 2008

She's Wired

Or perhaps I should say "wireless".

Today was the promotion ceremony for the fifth grade. They still have two days of school left, but today was the big day in terms of awards and all that.

We went out to dinner to celebrate - and we got Pippi a gift.

Her own cell phone.

She is over the moon.

It's a pay-as-you go plan and that's what we'll keep it as for the time being. If in the future another plan looks like a better fit - we'll switch. We've explained it's for emergencies and times she needs to contact someone and isn't near a phone. If she's home she's to use the regular phone. If she wants to talk to a friend who is within shouting distance - she's to shout. :)

This is not something she has ever asked for. She's never hinted for one or sounded envious when friends of hers had phones. I wasn't even sure if she really wanted one. But judging by her delighted reaction - she did want one. So I'm glad we were able to make her day. A kid who works as hard as she does deserves a nice reward now and then.

(Oh, and of course now Harry wants a phone too. But he's just going to have to wait till he finishes fifth grade.)


PJ Hoover said...

So can I call her? :)

How fun!

Kelly said...

Can I text her? ;)

Congrats to Pippi! What a great family you are.

Alice Gunther said...

Happy fifth grade graduation!!!

But please tell Pippi when she meets Margaret, mum's the word about the cell phone! LOL!

Christine M said...

Thanks everyone. And PJ - she'd be thrilled to get a call from a real live author!
Kelly - she's not really set up for text messaging yet. Give us time. :)
And Alice - mum's the word. I promise.