Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Last Day

We've finally done it. We've gotten to the last day of school. Is there anyone going later than us? It doesn't seem possible. (And I looked at next year's school calendar - and discovered we're scheduled to go until June 25 next year - I hope that's wrong.)

They went to school, played games had a party, Pippi watched a movie: Toy Story 2. Honestly, they could have been home. They probably would have learned more. (Not that I expect learning the last day, but honestly, the past week has been like this.)

We stopped to chat with the crossing guard on our way home. We've been passing Miss Caroline's corner now since Pippi was in pre-school. Next year Pippi will go a different way to Middle School - it's the end of an era. Of course, Pippi will swing by the elementary school on her way home, to collect Harry - so she'll still see Miss Caroline in the afternoons.

It's the end of an era - the first of my children to finish elementary school. It doesn't seem that long since she started kindergarten. Heck, even pre-school was just last week (or so it seems). I remember before she started pre-school, we were visiting a friend who was going to go to the same pre-school. Pippi said with enthusiasm "we can do our homework together!"

And next year she'll be in Middle School. We already got her lock for her locker - she wanted to practice. We'll need to buy clothes that meet the new school uniform dress code requirements - but that can wait.

Now it's time for summer vacation. Tomorrow we head to Ammy's and the pool!


PJ Hoover said...

Yay for you that summer has started! And the end of elementary for Pippi is amazing. Look how little they look in the Halloween picture!

Christine M said...

I know! It's amazing how fast they grow up!

patjrsmom said...

Hooray for the end of school! I remember the year I was in 8th grade in CT and we had 18 snow days that year! School could have gone well into July, except for some rule (or so they said!) about having to be finished by June 30th...

God Bless (and enjoy your summer!)

Anne K said...

Congratulaltion to Pipi and Hurray for Summer. Time for a swim! Ammy