Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Little Helpers

Ever wish that little elves would come and finish your WIP when your busy doing something else. Kind of like the elves that made shoes for the shoemaker in the fairy tale.

Apparently I have a little elf here.

I was working on my new WIP (see progress meter below) and left the laptop unattended while doing some other things around the house. When I came back, I saw that there had been an addition.

What I wrote:

"We weren't being spies or anything."

"Quite possibly you were. (this is where I left off, when I came back this was added) I saw you behind the beech tree looking at him kiss Maria." LOL! : ) (the emoticon was added too)

This could be a wonderful addition to the story - if indeed anyone named Maria was in it. Better luck next time, elf (Harry).


PJ Hoover said...

If only he'd written "The End" you'd be done.

Ellen said...

Quick question - did you get my e-mail invite?


Kelly said...

Hah, hah, hah!

Made my day :)