Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home is...

Pippi had to write a poem for school. The title and theme: Home is...

Here is what she came up with:

Home is...
by KRM (6th grade)

Home is guitar music
Set to blasting,
Echoing on the stairwell.
Home is the tapping of keys
As Mom's fingers dance
Over her laptop keyboard.

Home is Dad, sleeping
On the couch downstairs
Quiet, like a cat.
Home is our dying
Maple that isn't as young
As it used to be.
Home is books
Scattered around the
Living room haphazardly.

Home is red raspberry bushes
In the sweltering summer,
Prickly stems, bright berries, and all.
Home is rosebushes
In the springtime
Surrounding the backyard
With their sweet aroma

Home is love,
All year round.


Bill said...

Pippi the poet did a very nice job on that. I have a pretty good picture of your home in my mind now.

Anne K said...

Great poem! A++++++++++++++
One question - where is Pippi in this home poem?

Christine M said...

Pippi must be observing it all and eating raspberries!

Alice Gunther said...

Brava, Pippi! Love it!

Christine M said...

Thanks, Alice!