Monday, March 16, 2009

Young Writers

Pippi was delighted to find that one of her friends was the seventh grader chosen to represent their middle school at the Young Writer's night. Pippi read the two poems I posted for Poetry Friday last week. Her friend read an essay about a Thanksgiving dinner her family prepared when their kitchen was under construction and they had no stove or oven (it included grilling the turkey in the backyard and unsuccessfully making cornbread in the toaster oven)

All of the poetry and essays shared by the 6th through 12th graders was wonderful. There is a lot of wonderful talent out there. Two of the most moving were a poem written by a tenth grader in honor of her father who passed away last year, and the story the eighth grader read about how when she was four years old her mother came to America - and how the rest of the family followed from Poland four years later.
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