Friday, January 22, 2010

Poetry Friday

Yes, I know I haven't posted in almost a month. I'm going to try to remedy that. In the meantime it's Friday and my daughter wrote a new poem last night, so without further ado here is our contribution to Poetry Friday.

by KRM

I was no fool
The man paid me
Plenty more for that
Cow than it deserved.
And then he handed me
The beans.

Grinning, decaying teeth
He said, "Keep the change,"
Then he vanished,
With my cow.

I stood in the middle
Of the road for a moment,
Staring at the
Leather pouch
of coins, and the
Five beans in my

Then I scampered home,
Tossed my mama the money
and planted those beans.

I never expected it to take one night,
But when the stalk grew
I had every intention
Of being foolish
And seeing what
Was beyond
The clouds it grew
up to.

The rest of course,
Is history.
And yet, I can't help
But wonder
Who would want a
Sickly cow
And part with
Magic beans?

The Poetry Friday round-up is at Liz in Ink.


Jim Danielson said...

Someone who doesn't know beans about things. Love the poem.

I've lost track -- where is the Poetry Friday Host schedule posted these days?

Christine M said...

I don't know where the schedule is posted. I generally find who is hosting it based on links in Reader. :)

Liz in Ink said...

Oh, how delightful!! Thank you...

Mary Lee said...

Jim and Christine,

I am currently the Kidlitosphere volunteer who collects up the list of Poetry Friday hosts and keeps a schedule in the sidebar at A Year of Reading --

(And I will gladly share the html code for that schedule with anyone who wants to have the schedule on their blog as well!!)

Here's a little sneak peak heads up -- next week I'll put out a call for folks who want to host in March-June. If either of you want first dibs on a date, email me at mlhahn AT earthlink DOT net!

LOVE the poem! Depending on the age of your daughter, she might like SERENDIPITY MARKET by Blubaugh (YA). Jack's story -- and others -- get a fun twist in the book.

Christine M said...

Mary Lee - thank you so much for that information. I think I probably knew that from the Kidlitosphere e-mails, but honestly, since Kelly stopped keeping the schedule, I had kind of lost track.

My daughter just turned 13. I told her about that book - she was intrigued. Thanks!

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Oh what a fun take on Jack and the Beanstalk! Thank you and your daughter for sharing this delightful poem.

Christine M said...

Thank you, Jenny, I'll be sure to let my daughter know you enjoyed it!

Bill said...

I may be a little slow at getting to read these things, but I should make it my business to check here more often because I see that serious, fun, poetry is being done here. Good job, Pippi.