Friday, January 29, 2010

Poetry Friday

For Poetry Friday this week my thirteen-year-old daughter is allowing me to share another one of her poems. Though, let it be noted, this poem is not going to get her out of cleaning her room.

Why Cleaning your Room is Bad
by KRM

Six inches High
Standing on my desk
Chubby hands on hips
Looking Fierce
“What did I tell you?”
He asks
“Why didn’t you listen?”
I sat at my desk,
Staring at him,
Confused, Scared.
“Well, human,” He snaps
“Now this is WAR!”
He jumps down
Onto a bed of s
Stuffed animals
Back to his
Tribe under
A heap of doll clothes,
And Bags.
I should’ve known better
Than to clean my room
And disturb
The gnomes.

The Poetry Friday Round-up is being hosted by Anastasia Suen over at Picture Book of the Day.


Karen E. said...

I've always suspected that gnomes are behind the messes in my girls' room.

Great job, KRM!

Christine M said...

Thanks Karen! And I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a tribe of gnomes living in my daughter's room.

Mary Lee said...

Aw, c'mon, Mom! Give daughter a break! That's a GREAT poem!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, where do you think I got the inspiration if it wasn't for the gnomes?