Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soup on Saturday

It's not always easy to organize meals so that we can all eat together - and there are times - especially during baseball season - when it is just not possible. And Saturdays pose another problem for us. My daughter became involved in an archery league. It meets Saturdays from five to seven. It is forty-five minutes away. My husband takes her there. This means they are gone from about 4:15 until 7:45. Which of course leaves me with the question... um, when should we eat?

I solved this problem with soup on Saturdays.

I use my slow-cooker and whip up a batch of soup. And I try to make some fresh bread too - if I get the chance. My husband and daughter have a bowl before they leave and another when they get back (with the bread the second time). My son and I eat when the bread is done.

This has been working great in the fall and winter. We'll see what happens when the nice weather comes. Soup might not be so appealing then.

And if anyone is interested in my super easy soup recipe here it is (adjust as you see fit.)

1 lb ground beef browned (sometimes I chop up onion and garlic and cook it with the meat - other times I just use my trusty spice bottles).

1 28 oz can of tomato sauce, tomato puree or crushed tomatoes - any one of these work.

1 large potato diced

1 large or 2 medium carrots diced.

But it all in the slow cooker with one can of water (a good way to get the extra tomato out of the can). Add spices to taste. Stir and cook on low until dinner time.

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