Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bragging on the Kids

The past few months my kids have garnered a few honors that make me mighty proud, and I feel like bragging about them a little.

1) My daughter was chosen to represent her grade at school at the Young Writer's Night.

2) My son's art work was chosen to represent his school at the Young Artist's Night.

(These are both events in our town).

3) My son was nominated to attend a Young Scholar program over the summer.

4) My daughter is receiving a Mayor's Youth Volunteer Award.

I'm very proud of both of them!


Bill said...

I'm very proud of them too. How come I don't hear about this stuff?

Ellen said...

Cheers to both of them.

Christine Marciniak said...

Thanks! And Dad, some of this stuff we just found out about. :)

Sarah Rettger said...

Those of us who follow the blog already know you have awesome children - glad everyone else is realizing it too!

Christine Marciniak said...

Thanks, Sarah!