Friday, April 16, 2010

Poetry Friday - Tessa in Wonderland, Part 5

Once again it's Poetry Friday and I have yet another installment of my daughter's original poem Tessa in Wonderland. The first four parts can be found here, here, here and here.

Tessa in Wonderland
by KRM
Part V
Horatio’s paws balled around
The reins,
“Spade? Under the rule of…
He couldn’t say it.
Queen Heart.
Queen Heart.
“Queen Heart,”
There. I’d said it.
Horatio’s furry face twisted
Into a grimace
“The only Province
Is Diamonds…
Diamonds who actually
Likes Heart,
But is unwilling to give in.
They’re willing to fight, though.”
He hissed.
“Is there anything
We can do?” I asked
“Sell these Carrots in town,”
Horatio said.
“And then go home.”
There’s nothing we could do.

Carrots sold,
And we rumbled
Down an empty road to
Horatio’s home.
It was almost peaceful,
And I leaned against the
Rabbit as he drove along,
Silently, yet tensed.
A scream
Pierced the lazy twilight.
And then…all was silent.
Horatio handed me the reins,
A look of horror on his furry face.
“That was my
father’s voice,”
He whispered,
And got out of the
“Straight down the lane,”
He told me.
“I’ll be faster on foot,”
And he darted away.
I stared at the reins,
And gently urged the animals
When we reached the house,
It had been ransacked.
“My father,”
Horatio whimpered,
Coming out
And helping me out of the cart
“I can’t find him.”

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