Friday, April 09, 2010

Poetry Friday - Tessa in Wonderland, Part 4

Once again it's Poetry Friday and I have yet another installment of my daughter's original poem Tessa in Wonderland. The first three parts can be found here, here and here.

Tessa in Wonderland
by KRM

Part iv
It’s wonderful
Hustle-bustle of city rhythms
The Frogs selling chocolate covered
Worms and Flies,
Giant Butterfly Messengers
Zooming around,
The thieves,
Patrolling the streets,
Asking for things,
The little shops
With amazing displays in
Their windows
The town square and
Clock Tower
The Theaters and
The restaurants
And the Castle
Looming in the distance.

Horatio drove right by,
Landmarks out
Telling me who
To avoid
As if I’d need to know.
The rabbit brought me
To his house
And told me that I could
Stay there till
I figured out how
To get home.
I told him I wouldn’t be
There long, then.

The card soldiers
Marching in,
The Megaphone bird
Proclaiming that
Her Majesty, Monarch
Of the Heartlands,
Queen Heart,
Had officially won
The cold war
Against her sister Province,
And had conquered.
The only Province
Was New Club.
The war was
Almost over
Complete dictatorship,
Was now
The unfortunate

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Jim Danielson said...

GO CLUBS!!! Our last hope.

Love the poem.

Marjorie said...


Can't wait to hear what happens. I missed the first few installments and have really enjoyed starting from the beginning.

Just out of curiosity- any particular reason for the choice of Tessa?

Christine Marciniak said...

Jim, Thanks!

Marjorie - I'm glad you're enjoying the poem. I believe she chose Tessa because it was almost what we named her - so she can use the name as an alter-ego.