Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Goslings are Here

Every spring, one of the big events on our walk to school is when we finally see the new baby geese. We saw three goslings this week. There will probably be more soon - last year there was one little family of 12!

We walk along a creek to get to school, and that is where the Canada Geese and some ducks live (year round.) Anyone who has lived near where Canada Geese congregate know that they can be a messy nuisance. You must constantly watch your step. But when those first little yellow fuzz balls are spotted, all that is forgotten.

Every day we look to see if we can find the goslings. And before you know it they get so big it's hard to distinguish them from their parents. Last year, my daughter observed sadly, "they grow up so fast."

It's true - by the end of the summer, these goslings will be full grown geese. Children grow fast too (can my daughter really be nine years old?) but at least we get to keep them small for a lot longer than the geese do. There's definitely a blessing to be had in that!

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