Monday, May 15, 2006


My daughter just finished reading Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter. And she was so "glad, glad, glad" to have read it. I first read it to her a couple of years ago - from an old 1913 edition that is truly falling apart. Pollyanna is a wonderful read-aloud book. The character of Pollyanna is very fun. How can you not love reading about a character who says, shortly after we first meet her (at the train station, when asked if she has a trunk with her):

"Yes, I have," nodded Pollyanna, importantly. "I've got a brand-new one. The Ladie's Aid bought it for me -- and wasn't it lovely of them, when they wanted the carpet so? Of course I don't know how much red carpet a trunk could buy, but it ought to buy some, anyhow -- much as half an aisle, don't you think? I've got a little thing here in my bag that Mr. Gray said was a check, and that I must give it to you before I could get my trunk. Mr. Gray is Mrs. Gray's husband. They're cousins of Deacon Carr's wife. I came East with them, and they're lovely! And -- there, here 'tis," she finished, producing the check after much fumbling in the bag she carried.

After we read it that first time we rented the 1960 movie starring Hayley Mills. I remember enjoying that movie as a child, but it so totally paled in comparison to the book. If your only experience of the Pollyanna story is one of the movies - give the book a try. Read it aloud to your child - you'll be so glad, glad, glad you did.

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