Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Journey to Pern

I've recently found myself re-immersed in the land of Pern. It all started innocently enough when, looking for a new book to read, I discovered that there was a new Pern book that I hadn't read yet.

So, of course I read it. And then I discovered that while Anne McCaffrey had collaborated with her son on two novels about Pern, he'd also written one himself. And of course I had to read that.

And then Pippi was looking for a fantasy to read - so I handed her my copy of Dragonsong.

And while I was downstairs looking at our books, and had Pern on my mind, I started pulling my old copies off the shelf. So far, Dragonflight, Dragonquest, Dragonsong (snitched from my daughter and read when she was doing other things), Dragonsinger and now the White Dragon. I think I'm going to stop after this one - and move on to other things.

But there's something very satisfying about simply losing yourself in another world.

And of course, just as when I first read these books many years ago (won't say how many), I do kind of wish I had a fire lizard, or could see a dragon soaring over head.


Liz B said...

Is she reading the Dragonflight ones, also?

Christine M said...

No, I won't let her go that far - just the Harper Hall series. The others she can read when she's a wee bit older.

Liz B said...

I thought so; I was just confused for a second.