Sunday, January 14, 2007


Pippi turned ten on Friday. This is a big deal. Double digits. And to celebrate, she and I took the train into the city and we attended her very first Broadway show.

Mary Poppins.

What a wonderful first exposure to Broadway.

True our seats were in the balcony - (and mine was behind a pipe!) - but none of that took away from the how wonderful the show was. There was so much energy - so much fun.

And when Mary Poppins flies off at the end - over the audience - she ended up right in front of us - and gave my Pippi a very big smile.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate a special birthday.

Neither of us will ever forget it.

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Nancy said...

I took my niece to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway for her 9th birthday. We had 2nd row seats, and when we got there she said, "I think these are too close." She was right, of course, but she still loved the show. Kids and New York = fun combination.