Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Time is it Now?

"I have two things to tell you," my son informed me last night around 9:30 (when he really should have been sleeping, but that's another story).

"The earth moves to the east," he let me know.

Okay, I wasn't sure why this was an important observation, but that's fine.

"Yes, it does."

"And when it is 8 am here it is 8 pm in Beijing."


Actually, I checked today, and he was off by a bit - we are thirteen hours different from Beijing, not twelve. But he was pretty close.

And how did he figure this out?

The globe the kids got for Christmas.

It doesn't talk to them or have any computer chips embedded in it. It doesn't download information from cyberspace or light up to show the constellations. It's just a plain old fashioned globe. One that has a little dial on the top that gives you an idea of what time it is in other places if you adjust it properly.

Harry is studying China in school - and true to himself, once he's introduced to something he throws himself into it full force. He wants to know all about China now.

Maybe we'll have Chinese food for dinner sometime soon. (even though it will be breakfast time in China).

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